Breed standards and LOOF

What is a purebred cat standard?

The standard is a reference set and it is an official text to be validated and approved.
The standard of a breed is all the details of morphology, coat, and also skills (pace, temperament).
The guidelines of a breed standard are used to determine which animals will be accepted into the breed, and which will be rejected. Each breed’s standards are designed to protect the integrity of purebred animals and their heritage by ensuring that only the best representatives of the breed are identified as members of the breed.
Breeders who work with purebred cats usually try to reproduce and breed cats that meet the breed standard as much as possible by doing selection work in order to improve the characteristics of the breed.

Obviously the perfect cat does not exist! But many are those who approach it and this is what makes the quality of a herd, whether in France or abroad.

A standard may change over time, size, weight, coat color…

What is loof and what is it used for?
  This is the federation for the management of the Official Book of Feline Origins, more commonly known as LOOF, has been entrusted with the management of the book of origin of the feline species in France since 1996. Its approval by the Ministry of Agriculture by decree of November 4, 1996 was confirmed by decree n°2006-991 and the decree of August 1, 2006.

The first mission of the LOOF is the keeping of the genealogical book, that is to say the issue of the pedigrees of purebred cats in France. Without a LOOF pedigree, a cat born in France, even from parents with a pedigree, cannot claim the designation “purebred cat”, but only, where appropriate, the designation “appearance cat”.

What is a breed club for?

A breed club is there to maintain and improve the race(s) he leads, as defined by the standards.
A breed club is a group of enthusiasts and breeders, generally organized in the form of an association, whose activities, in particular the establishment of the standard, are centered on a specific breed of cat. Clubs are generally federated at different levels in association with the LOOF
Breed clubs can have different objectives depending on the country, even if it is the same breed.

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