Kitten Food

The food of a kitten remains essential, it is necessary to observe a certain number of precautions which are summarized below.

You must start by feeding your kitten with the food adapted to these needs and of quality, this all throughout its life.

We recommend the Proplan range which we also use exclusively on all our cats and kittens, with the products from their range.

You must continue at least for 1 month the same food as us, to avoid the risk of diarrhea !!

  •  Your kitten has had a gradual transition and weaning, it is now fed this food designed for its age and breed until the age of 12 months:
  • Unlimited: Proplan Original croquette – Kitten – optistart chicken
  • 2 times a day: the wet food baby kitten Mousse Chicken
  • It will be necessary to avoid changing food (except in special cases) during growth.

 Don’t forget plenty of fresh water nearby.Beyond the age of 12 months, you can use the range, Proplan: Sterilized Adult with Optidigest Rich In Chicken.

  Beyond that, ranges specially designed for “seniors” exist…

  • In the event of a change of kibble brand, you will need to ensure a transition over a minimum of 15 days to avoid intestinal upset.
  • You should also know that a castrated cat or a sterilized cat, a cat that is not very active, more or less old, will tend to gain weight more quickly so you will have to be vigilant by adapting the doses accordingly.

A good quality diet is recommended so that your kitten and future cat are all the necessary inputs during its growth as well as a good complete and balanced diet in adulthood.

For information: we sell bags of kibble when your kitten leaves in a 3 kg or 10 kg bag.